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Our mission is to end ocean pollution, electronic waste, and refrigerant CFC waste while promoting sustainable communities worldwide.

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Plastic, Electronic, & Refrigerant CFC Waste is destroying our environment!

  • Plastic Killing Sea Creatures

  • e-waste Disposal Issues

  • Refrigerant CFC Waste


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Before the massive global plastic and electronic waste pollution problems existed, the Greatest Generation was forced to address a different kind of global conflict.

It was a time when people saw their world in peril and in need of help, a time to step up and act. Decisive Action was needed, and Action was indeed taken. The Greatest Generation served our country and saved the world from a future of darkness.

Let’s Honor The Greatest Generation and take the necessary Action to Fight the 21st Century’s Battle against Global Pollution!

Be part of the next Greatest Generation and fight with Pure Earth Solutions (PES) to make a difference for our descendants and us. Just as the Greatest Generation did for you and me.

Please Consider Supporting Our Crowdfunding Efforts.
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** A professionally qualified local contractor who offers services to the area in question will perform any environmental or remedial solutions.

The Only Way,
Is The Pure Earth Way...!

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Plastic in the Oceans
Plastic On Beach
Plastic in Ocean

Plastic Waste Statistics


Pieces of Trash

Every single day, eight million pieces of trash made of plastic make their way into our oceans.


Loads in a Day

Imagine that one garbage truck’s worth of plastic is being dumped into the oceans every minute.



Seventy-nine percent of all plastic waste is thrown into landfills or the ocean.



On the ocean’s surface, 300,000 tons of floating plastic are floating.



The sea is cluttered with four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer.



The deepest parts of the ocean, 11 km down, have been contaminated by plastic.

e waste millions of tons
Plastic Electronics

e-Waste Statistics



Every year, about 45 million tons of electronic waste are produced globally.



Only 12.5 percent of E-Waste, according to estimates, is recycled.



Around 85% of e-waste is sent to landfills and incinerators, emitting dangerous toxins into the atmosphere.



Lead, which can harm our kidneys, central nervous system, and brain development, is present in some electronics.


Climate Change

Plastic and electronic waste also have a negative impact on the environment and may contribute to climate change.



To produce one typical computer and CRT monitor, approximately 500 lbs of fossil fuel, 40 lbs of various chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water are reportedly required in the manufacturing process.

The Problem Is A Global One...

We aim to reduce the amount of plastic, electronic waste, and refrigerant CFCs in the environment. The earth is being contaminated by plastic waste in our beaches, oceans, rivers, streams, and forests. E-waste and its byproducts, such as batteries and lead, and the chemicals in the production process contribute to excessive carbon emissions. Refrigerant CFCs are being released into the atmosphere, damaging the ozone layer and releasing extremely potent greenhouse gases into the climate.







Take Action Now

The Solution

Pure Earth Solutions is dedicated to eliminating
Plastic, e-waste, and Refrigerant CFCs!

We are committed to acquiring the resources necessary to clean pollution from our oceans, beaches, waterways, and land. Our dedicated team will provide consulting services to businesses and organizations needing guidance on properly removing and disposing of their waste and cleaning known areas and polluted sites.

Our education team will be working hard to provide information and training to industry, government, and individuals to embark on a culture of source reduction, recycling, and mitigating plastic, battery, and electronic waste.

Help us help our environment and our planet and live healthier lives.

Let’s come together and ensure clean air, water, and food for our children and grandchildren!

The Only Way, Is The Pure Earth Way...!

Please help us fund our efforts & grow this company and work together to save the planet.

Please Consider Supporting Our Crowdfunding Efforts.
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“Although Pure Earth Solutions is a for-profit company and charges a fee for consulting and mitigation services, our efforts to clean wooded areas, beaches, oceans, rivers, and streams and our education efforts are funded by private contributions, corporate sponsorships, and advertising.”

You Can Help Us Succeed In Our Mission!

Since the late 1950s, plastic production has sharply increased year-to-year, at the same time abandoning over 10 billion tons of plastic waste into the environment. There are approximately 420 million tons of plastic produced every year. Another 55 million tons of electronic (e-waste) waste is created globally every 12 months.

Our mission to clean plastic and electronic waste, help reduce source production, and contribute to recycling efforts is expensive. Education programs to raise awareness on the use of non-plastic replacement options, reducing consumption, proper recycling, and reusing plastic and electronics can cost millions of dollars to implement and operate correctly.

The fact is that creating a clean, green sustainable future for our children and grandchildren is imperative but very expensive.

There are several ways you can make an impact.

  • Option 1

    Corporate Sponsorships – Socially Responsible, Sustainable, and Community-Minded companies can contribute.

  • Option 2

    Advertising – Companies can acknowledge their sustainable efforts and global responsibility by purchasing an advertisement on our website.

  • Option 3

    Individual Benefactors – People who care and want to help can make a one-time contribution or become a member and purchase a monthly subscription.

  • Option 4

    Engage Pure Earth Solutions for our consulting services.

  • Option 5

    Hire Pure Earth Solutions to mitigate your waste and recycling needs.

You can help the world create a culture of reducing waste, cleaning polluted areas, reducing consumption, and repurposing and/or recycling.

Please help us grow this company, grow this vital effort, increase the amount of contamination we can remove from our planet, and put us on a path to a PURE EARTH SOLUTION...!

The Only Way is The Pure Earth Way…!

Please Consider Supporting Our Crowdfunding Efforts.
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