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Evangelists & Influencers Application

Become a Pure Earth Solutions (PES) Evangelist or Influencer.

We appreciate your interest in collaborating with us on this important endeavor. Because our customers are the most ardent proponents of our brand, we are always looking for opportunities to work with evangelists, content producers, social influencers, gamers, artists, musicians, and athletes known for creating excellent material and motivating others. We are actively searching to develop meaningful partnerships with influencers that want to help clean up the earth as much as we do, so it doesn’t matter how many followers you have—500 or 50,000—we want to talk to you!

Evangelist and Influencer Requirements:

  • You are passionate about helping our cause!
  • Follow Pure Earth Solutions (PES) on your social media accounts.
  • Every month, create a minimum of 1 permanent social media post plus 3 temporary social media posts (i.e., Instagram Stories) demonstrating your commitment and appreciation of the Pure Earth Solutions (PES) mission.
  • For each post, tag Pure Earth Solutions (PES) Social Media Account(s) plus relevant hashtags, and we will provide a Personal Discount Code.

How to Get Started?

After reviewing the above details, complete the Evangelist/Influencer Application (below). Every fully completed application will be reviewed and responded to ASAP! If the fit is good, we’ll move forward and send you a short contract to sign, along with some free PES Swag.

The Pure Earth Solutions (PES) Evangelist/Influencer Application